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Getting Stuck On The Side Of The Road One Night

red Craiglist wreckerFinding myself stuck on the side of the 805 one night in Mission Valley, I couldn’t help but think “Now why didn’t I renew my AAA membership again?”. Seriously what’s the big deal about dropping $80 bucks to have the peace of mind knowing that you’ve got towing coverage in case anything happens. Well there I was stuck without coverage because I can sometimes play the cheapo. My first stupid idea was do do a Craigslist search for Cheap Towing San Diego but then I came to my senses and did a more relevant search like: San Diego Towing which bounced back a local towing company that calls itself the Speedy Towing Network. Hey who was I to argue, I needed a tow and yes I would like it speedy :)

The Towing Laws Stink

As I was just about to call the fine gentlemen at the Speedy Towing Network when I spotted a tow truck passing by, I flagged him down. He passed me but pulled to the shoulder and carefully backed up until he was just a few yards away. The driver got down from his flatbed tow truck and donned his safety reflective gear, I didn’t blame him because traffic was just zooming by, ridiculous! Any who, he was very polite and professional, asking me if I was OK, and if I needed any emergency assistance. I replied that I was fine but I just needed to be towed home so that I could make car repair arraignments the next day with my mechanic. What he said next was unbelievable, he told me that he couldn’t help me because it was illegal, what!!! Why on earth would it be illegal to help somebody off the side of the road? Apparently there is a problem with grimey tow truck drivers that just pull over whenever they see a car on the side of the road and just grab it and run. They act like if they were the tow company that was called out and then try to rip of the customer, somewhat of a poaching type deal. The driver was very informative and polite, a Western Towing driver.

Ended Up Calling The Speedy Towing Network

OK, so I had to revert back to plan A and call up the guys I had Craigslist ASAP to have them send out  a truck and driver. Like clockwork the flatbed showed up quick and we were on our way.

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