About this website’s name


The original owners of the domain name let it expire. I thought the name represented a particularly unhealthy period of  American politics that people should not forget. That is why I bought it and kept it alive.

I am one of those who could not appreciate President Bush and his coterie trying to make countries join the ill-conceived and unjustified war against Iraq. It was obvious that Saddam did not have the “Weapons of Mass Destruction” that he was touted to have, there was no evidence of any kind. They thought they could just go into Iraq, drop some bombs, kill Saddam, destroy all roads and buildings, put a crony in power, and fly back. Then they could all make money from controlling all that oil and taking all the contracts for rebuilding.

To make the attack look “international” and respectable, they wanted all countries to join them and send troops. One of the countries that saw through the game and did not succumb was France. A campaign was launched to malign France, and this domain name was a result of that campaign. I am not saying that those who launched this website www.sendbackliberty.us were in favour of the war or were part of the mudslinging campaign. For all I know, they may have set up the website more as satire, a mirror to hold  up to Americans being manipulated and misguided to see themselves.

We think we will maintain the website as a blog to comment on American politics. The public is fed incomplete or filtered information through cleverly manipulated media, and people are not able to form informed opinions on national issues any more.